Singing the Anthem of the heart

Chance upon this Japanese animation film, while randomly surfing the net.

While feeling happy that this movie is screening in the national museum, as most Japanese animation films do not have the opportunity of being screened at all. It is pretty rare to have Japanese Animated movies in our cinemas, unless the movie is really popular. Gladly, riding on this year’s Japanese film festival 3 animated films were featured on its list of movies. (Miss Hokusai, The boy and the beast, the anthem of the heart)

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Resolve through conversation

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Now that god and the Holy spirit talked about <harmony>, don’t make any excuses but resolve [issues] by bringing up everything through ‘conversation’, and saying what [you] want to say. Only then will [the Trinity] bring harmony by resolving things in Heaven too since you resolve them on the earth.

jung myung seok


Dare no Manazashi – Someone’s gaze

“Living in a fast pace society where people are occupied with work, school and dreams. Sometimes it is easy to neglect what seems more important than those things….and that is the people around us.”

Dare no Manazashi (Someone’s gaze) is an animated short film produced by Makoto Shinkai, 新海誠. The short film tells the story of Aya (A-chan) a young woman that had just stepped into the adult working world, struggling to overcome the harshness of working life.

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Everyone has flaws

Jung Myung Seok

Flaws doesn’t define a person’s character or personality, flaws is an emotion, a thought, a decision, an action, a perspective like a jigsaw puzzle piece that is misplaced at the wrong angle and position, or you need to do is to put that puzzle at the correct spot and it will eventually reveal the picture before you

“Everything has flaws. You just need to make up for those flaws and correct them.”

Jung Myung Seok