You have to remember in order to be happy.


I am a forgetful person. Hahaha~ I easily forget about; where I put my water bottle, where I put my shoes, where are my keys(the most common of all). My mom would joke, telling me “You are so forgetful. Maybe one day you would forget about yourself! LOL.”

“Forget about myself hmm…”  (Hopefully not)

Living in a fast paced society, where we face different issues every day. It is pretty easy to be affected by what we see, listen and feel the things around us. Sometimes, these distractions kind of occupy a huge storage space in our brains. And thus overload us with, worries, anxieties, and problems.

This Sunday’s sermon Pastor Jung Myung Seok delivered a message titled

 “You have to remember in order to be happy. The reason your joy disappeared was because you forgot.”

Jung Myung Seok

As I was listening to the message, my thoughts flew to various events I had in the past with family, friends, and people. At different places and a different time. Thinking about those happy times, I smiled at myself like an idiot. (Luckily everyone was too focused on the message. No one noticed hehe)

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Simple thoughts in life – Eating Healthy

+jung myung seok +pastor joshua jung +pastor jung myung seok

In a complicated relationship with food

Food has been such a big part of me. Especially Ramen…I love Ramen so much and of course my staple food, rice. I cannot live without rice. I also love Korean food! Kimbap! Kimichi Pancake~~~Hahaha. Lately, I have been pretty conscious about dieting habits. As you grow older, you realize that there is a limit to the amount of food you can eat and it affects a lot of your daily activities. Therefore, being aware of that and trying to prevent further health implications in the future. I have been putting some effort into making changes to my usual eating habits. Though the changes are not that significant as of now hehe ^^ But still it is a good step towards a better self.

You should eat, but make the effort to eat better. And you should live, but you have to take care of your body and make the effort.

jung myung seok


Tae Woo Restaurant 태우반점 – Sis favourite JaJangmyeon

Celebrated my sister’s “**” (censored) birthday at Tae Woo Restaurant. Famous for its Jajangmyeon (Korean Black Bean Sauce noodle)


This is my second visit to Tae Woo Restaurant, couldn’t come here often unless for special occasion purpose, because the prices of the dishes are not that cheap aka expensive. However, I would say, the food here is worth that price, and if you are having cravings for some quality Jajangmyeong you should try out this store.

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Seeing “Harmony like a waterfall” – through the eyes of a little angel

Yesterday and Sunday, we had our first, church-based organized Spiritual retreat. Discarding the old and trying something new this year, while aligning with the direction given by our Senior Pastor, Joshua Jung Myung Seok. For the first time, after many many many years having our retreats in church…We decided to organize it at other places.

I heard from my seniors, that our church leaders put in a lot of effort hunting down for places to have this retreat. While considering our “pockets” and making sure that it is both financially affordable and also enjoyable. Thankfully, because of their efforts, I really enjoyed the retreat and it was a spiritually and physically rewarding experience (*Whisper: especially the buffet dinner LOL)

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Resolve through conversation

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Now that god and the Holy spirit talked about <harmony>, don’t make any excuses but resolve [issues] by bringing up everything through ‘conversation’, and saying what [you] want to say. Only then will [the Trinity] bring harmony by resolving things in Heaven too since you resolve them on the earth.

jung myung seok